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Caring for a loved one is exhausting. Needing and asking for help isn’t something to feel guilty about. You and your loved one deserve to be cared for.

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Jenny Eastman
Care for Patients & Rest for Caregivers

Caring for a loved one is challenging. Often a rollercoaster of emotion and an upheaval of your routine.

I serve both the patient and the caregiver. By providing care for the patient, I enable the caregiver to take a much needed break.

For some that means a going for a cup of coffee, or being able to focus at work, or attend their kid’s game, or simply rest. 

That break is restorative. 


For over twenty years I’ve provided professional care. I’m a certified nursing assistant, certified in CPR and AED. 

I love caring for all people and have a soft spot for seniors. Difficult patients don’t scare me. I’ve studied behavioral techniques for managing Alzheimer’s and dementia, so I’m skilled at keeping patients calm and out of harm’s way.

I’d be honored to partner with you in the care of your love one. 



My Services

I’m here to help you. Let that sink in. Here are some of my most common services, if you need something else don’t hesitate to ask.

Basic Cares

Assist with showering, bathroom visits, and medication reminders. I’m knowledgeable in techniques to safely assist while maintaining dignity for the patient.


Aging and illness often is a lonely process, I’ll provide a listening ear for your loved one. Their stories will be new to me and I love engaging with my clients. It is my honor to listen.


Ideal for those worried about leaving a loved one alone overnight, but desperate for a good night’s sleep themselves. I’ll keep watch during the night so you can relax.

Doctor Visits

Doctor visits can be difficult to fit in around work and activity schedules, I’ll get your loved one to their appointment and provide you with notes regarding their visit.


If your schedule doesn’t allow for extra trips to the library,  going to the movies, or picking up groceries, let me save you time while also enriching your loved ones time.


Life is busy. Driving is stressful. If you are struggling to get your loved one to appointments, treatments, or just out and about, I’m happy to get them where they need to be.


It is hard to keep up with housekeeping when you’re well and able-bodied, it is especially challenging when you’re not. I can keep your loved ones space clean and tidy.


Sometimes cooking feels overwhelming. I provide grocery shopping, meal prep, and cooking services to take that off your plate. Nutritional needs and preferences incorporated.

Peace of Mind

The number one thing I provide is peace of mind. You can rest assured your loved one is well-cared for, so you can have some of your life back.

I know how difficult a time it is and I know how hard it is for many of us to ask for help, but trying to do it all will lead to burnout. That whole you can’t pour from an empty cup thing, is real. 

Joanne V., Minneapolis

I am very grateful Jenny comes to my home to help me. I am still going strong at 98 years old but as you would imagine I do need a little helping hand. Jenny is fun, upbeat, and efficient at everything she does. I look forward to her visits and I love her little dog Chico who comes along for the ride with us!

Gary F., Wayzata

I was very thankful to have Jenny and fellow team members to help out my parents and our whole family during the last five years of their lives. It was difficult to manage a full-time job and four small kids while also trying to manage mom and dad’s doctor appointments and complex health and mental health needs. The dementia was beyond my scope of experience and was weighing heavily on our family. We were able to enjoy the last few years with them versus feeling burned out. We will forever be grateful.

Aisha V. Coworker/Team mate

Jennifer is one of the most caring, reliable, joyful, empathetic & trustworthy person I’ve ever known. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Jennifer on several care cases and all three clients & their family adored her. She brings a very special kind of comfort to anyone that is around her, as if they’ve known her for years, a very rare trait in my opinion. She’s one of a kind!

Who do I serve?

Most often I’m providing relief for caregivers of older folks suffering from an illness, but I’m here to provide respite care for families of all ages and circumstances.

Everyone deserves care and rest.

Need a break?

If you’ve been doing your best to care for a loved one on top of all of your other responsibilities, you’re probably exhausted and that’s not good for either of you. Let me care for your loved one, so you can get some rest.

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