Hi, I’m Jenny!

If you’re here, there’s a good chance you’re tired and overwhelmed. I understand. Take a breath.

For over twenty years I’ve been caring for patients and their caregivers. I’ve spent precious weeks partnering with families as they work through an illness and have been in the room as people passed from this earthly life more times than I can count.

I know just how stressful it is to try to care for someone and keep your own life on track. It is nearly impossible to do it all and no one should have to.

I’m a daughter, wife, and mom to three daughters, I know how full life can be and I want to help you live your best life even through the hardest of times.

Jenny Eastman


  •  Certified Nursing Assistant
  •  Certified in CPR and AED (adult and child)
  •  Hospice Assistant
  •  Trained in holistic nutrition
  •  Trained in Behavioral Techniques for Managing Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  •  Twenty plus years of bedside training

Peace of mind

Reliant Respite is a business of the heart. Caring for people when they’re sick isn’t easy for most people, but truly I consider it a privilege. 

It isn’t a job for everyone, but it is my life’s work. My hope is that by providing trustworthy care I can also provide peace of mind for the family. Reliant Respite is here to fill in the gaps and ease some of the burdens. You don’t need to do it all by yourself.

Ready for a break?

Let’s talk to see how I can help you care for your loved one.